TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine

Going back to FTP … FTP … FTP

Going BACK to FTP … FTP … FTP!!!

Some Trading Charts I collected today … first chart is my 30K combine at TST (top step trader).

Futures Day Trading Charts: Need 3 more trading days to complete

Futures Day Trading Charts:

Gann trading signal enters the crude oil market … notice we have been all around the pivot point in today’s trading.

Futures Day Trading Charts:

Here is the entry point shown graphically on the crude oil charts this morning. Today was one of those trading days where simply being a breakeven trader is good enough. There was no decisive trend to take on the trading session.

Futures Day Trading Charts:

Sell stop orders are gunned and runned … move to protect trading gains on the trading session at 4426.

Futures Day Trading Charts:

Trade Exit was 4426 on Long Entry at 4399 as we moved back into the congestion (trading range) of the trading session. Day trading can be just like this some days … you do your best and the best is simply a breakeven trading day … no worries … there is always tomorrow as a day trader. Keep that powder dry and wait for a more advantageous position to take on a trading opportunity.

Here is some food for thought from Joe Ross:

“Accumulate and keep a collection of high probablity tricks in your bag of tools. How can you do all this? Practice, practice, PRACTICE. Practice recognition of congestion areas. Practice recognition of high probabilty breakouts. Practice and more practice. Just like anyone who wants to be a champion at anything, total dedication, study, practice and more practice. Become a trading virtuoso. Practice it over and over, always realizing you will never be perfect. There will always be a way that you can do things better, more efficiently and with greater speed and finesse.”

Yes, I am going back to FTP!

Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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