Get Over Myself and Move On

What I know is I am still pissed off over the way I didn’t understand the LFT at TST.

But …

What I HAVE to get to is it is my fault! Until I get to this point I will continue to feel sorry for myself and how I viewed I was screwed in my LFT trading account.

Even if I am right … I am still wrong …

Why …

Simple reason … those with the Gold make the rules.

Until …

I can simply accept this basic truth I should not trade at TST.

What I Know …

I have passed into the Live Funded Trader requirements two times now and both times I have been knocked out of the live “real money” trading account.

Both of these trading mistakes are my fault … I know this deep down … and what I know now during my trading on the Combine today my first trade was good and the other trades were nothing more than revenge trades because I am still pissed off at TST.

This is not a good place for me to be right now …


I still have 9 trading days on my Combine to turn around my 500 trading loss today. I only have to go for 1/2 of the profit target of $1,500 … which is $750.

I know I am capable of doing exactly this and moving back into the FTP. I have to get over myself and move on.

So Bottom Line …

I must ACCEPT my trading mistakes … dust myself off … and move on. Yes, it is frustrating to be back in the Combine again … perhaps … I will have to fail a combine to get myself under control … but hopefully I can get my trading under control again and move back into the LFT at TST.

Until …

I get the Sally pulling the football away from Charlie Brown image out of my head I will not be in a good emotional state to take on trades.

So …

Get Over Myself and Move On!!


Monday: February 8th, 2016

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading

Trade #1: Highest Volume Bar was a BBV (Blue Volume Bar) of 1265 at 8:00AM CST.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts:

Trade went on to reach the 1P Profit Target located at 2984 at 9:17AM CST.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts:

Crude Oil Market retraces back to entry point plus 3 ticks and takes me out at 3011.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts:

First Crude Oil Trading Signal … this was a good signal and my first trade was according to my overall trading plan now.

Second Trading Signal … even though I felt very strong the market would continue to move down based on price action overall. I allowed myself to get caught up in the emotional side of trading and not following my overall trading plan.

This 2nd trade entry would have had me at the minimum up on my trading day; instead of, finishing with a 44 tick trading loss.

I allowed myself to overtrade and go past my mental stop loss of 30 ticks of the 50 ticks possible today.

So …

Really Get Over Yourself!!

If …

I would have simply followed my trading plan on Monday of the Highest Volume Bar setup I would have found myself in the winners column today.

Yes …

I was right … but I was also wrong at the same time.



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