FTP Day 7: Funded Trader Preparation

Thursday: September 10th, 2015

FTP Day 7: Funded Trader Preparation

Crude Oil Trading

Charts for today’s trading …

In today’s trading, I was only trading after the Crude Oil Inventory Report was released. I had two trades on the day. The first one lost 20 ticks and the second trade won 38 ticks. Overall, on two trades net of 18 ticks positive on the trading day.

CLPIT Method Bracket:

What the CL Market looked before trade entry … first trade was to go short at 4491 and I was stopped out at 4511 today.

Here is the CLPIT Method Bracket I used to determine my trade entries after the CL Inventory Report Release:

Trade #2 was to go long at 4514 and here is where the CL Market hit the 1P Profit Target allowing a breakeven trade.

Crude Oil Market went on to reach the 2P Profit Target located at 4583 in trading today. Then it sold off below the R1 line and took me out at 1P Protective Profit Stop at 4552.

This completes FTP Day 7 of the Funded Trader Preparation at TopStepTrader. There are 3 more trading days to go. I should be completed with the FTP on Tuesday of next week … God willing and the Creek don’t rise!


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. See You Tomorrow to Make Day 8 of the FTP!!

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