FTP Day 5 Plus 3 Ticks Overall

FTP Day 5 Plus 3 Ticks Overall

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Long Entry (Gann 4th Time Through)

Best trade of the session came at 8:50AM CST to be Long at 4759.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: 1.5P Profit Target

This was a nice trade exit right above the S1 Support Line today.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Just Shy of the 3P Profit Target

The market was just shy of the 3P profit target here on the trading session.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:3P Profit Target

Finally, crude oil futures market reached the 3P profit target on the trade. You want to trail behind it. I like to use the 200 Bar SMA when I am trailing with a little room underneath to give the trade some air to breath, if it wants to continue to move up.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: 200 Bar SMA

A good picture of trailing behind the trade … the 200 Bar SMA will eventually catch up to the trade, and then you can use it to help you exit your trade at a favorable point with a nice trading gain.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Trade Exit

This would have been a great place to exit today’s crude oil futures trade during the trading session.

FTP Day 5 Plus 3 Ticks Overall

This was a nice long signal this morning, but it took a little bit of time to develop. The Volume Bars were telling me that the market wanted to head up for a bit at the time of the trade. This finally happened and allowed for a nice buy in the Crude Oil Futures market during the trading session.

The trade exit on the trade was to follow the 200 Bar SMA and trail it behind the trade or you could have taken profits around 1.5P Profit Target as well.

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David M. Knight

P.S. I will continue to remain in Cruise Control thru the reminder of the FTP at TST now.

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