FTP Day 10: Successfully Completed Funded Trader Preparation

Tuesday: September 15th, 2015

FTP Day 10: Funded Trader Preparation

Crude Oil Trading

Today is FINISH up the FTP Day … yesterday I had a 2 tick gain on a trade for Day 9 of the FTP. The entry went to 1P and then back to breakeven and took me out.

Trading Quote: “The main point is to so preserve your initial capital that you will never be deprived of it, and the way to do this is to learn what you are about before you go about it.” – Richard Demille Wyckoff

Yesterday and today, we did not see any high volume bars above 400 into the CL Opening Range …so I am waiting again to see if anything comes up by 8:30AM CST.

CLPORT Method shows a RBV Volume Bar at 8:10AM CST:

I went Long 4429 at 8:27AM CST. Right now, I have moved to breakeven to protect the last FTP Day 10 … we have stalled at the 4450 area right now so I am happy to be out at breakeven on this trade, if taken out.

The Crude Oil Market reached the 1P Profit Target and made a new high on the morning trading session.

My current profit target on the trading session is 3P at 4510 on the morning trading session. R1 is located at 4486 so I am looking for a push through this level to reach my profit target.

We are very close to R1 at 8:52AM CST. I have decided to protect profits on this trade a little below 1P on the trading session to finish up the FTP. I will take either somewhere between 1P to 3P on this trade – FTP Day 10.

2P 4483 have been gunned and runned at 8:53AM CST.

After the market briefly goes above R1, we sell off to my profit protection point of 1P 4456 on the trade. This means I net 27 ticks on one trading opportunity.

This ends my FTP Day 10 and a successful completion of the Funded Trader Preparation. As far as I know, I have met and exceeded all of TST (TopStepTrader) requirements. It’s time to get funded as a trader!

When I hear something I will let you know. Once again, I used the $30K TST Combine with the $500 Daily Max Loss and made my trading plan tailored around it.

Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. FTP Day 10 Trading Summary: Funded Trader Preparation Passed!


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