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Tiger’s First Trading Strategy:  eMini Bull Bear Basic Trading Strategy

Here is a trading strategy I put together back in 2009, and it is still and always will be a valid way to trade on a foundational level.

This trading strategy also serves as my Home Study Course.  Everything I have ever built has started with the foundation of this video series I shot back in 2009.


The Rogue Trader

The Rogue Trader

Second Step:

YouTube Video Series:  Tiger Decides to Give Back …

On this YouTube video series, I will continue to add videos in time about how I believe is the best approach to take on trading, and add insight from my trading experience over the years.


Trading Places

Trading Places

Third Step:

As I continue my educational content, here is another YouTube Video Series where I am laying out my trading concepts:  Tiger’s HVS Trading Strategy

This video series consists of 14 separate videos lasting 3 hours in actual playing time.  This strategy/method builds upon what I am doing in my trading in today’s market environment.


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David ‘TradeCraze’ Knight
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P.S. I am working on updating not only my trading education, but also make your next day/night at the casino a profitable venture!

CL Power Trading Method:

CL Power Trading Method

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