Day Trading Only ONE Zero Difference

Day Trading Only ONE Zero Difference

Day Trading Only ONE Zero Difference

Today, I was able to pull out 80 ticks on one trade win on my CLPIT Strategy.


Crude Oil Day Trading:

Short Entry Point 6321 at 9:32AM CST.
Trade Exit 6243 at 9:57AM CST
(day trading one contract)

If … W/S/C: Day Trading 2 Contracts:

Same entry point short
Trade Exit on one 3P plus 65 ticks today
Trade Exit on second 6201 plus 120 ticks

Total on Trade Ultimate Trade would have been 185 ticks or $1850.

Times 5 (to day trade 10 contracts): 925 ticks or $9250.

So like I said … the day trading difference is only ONE zero …

Bottom line … you must first SEE it before you can BELIEVE it can happen.

This is what is called making a trading plan to do better. Before I would only get a few ticks on a win … now I am getting more … so when I am able to day trade 2 efficiently …

HAVE A PLAN … Trade the PLAN!

Each day is an adventure at times.

I enjoy day trading crude oil futures.

1. Risk Management
2. Trade Management
3. Money Management

Plus … your psychological makeup is important.

Today was a good day to be a day trader in the crude oil futures market!!

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:

Day Trading Only ONE Zero Difference …


Between winning and losing a day … a week … a month … etc … etc … etc.

To think what holds you back in obtaining the next goal you place in front of you. I would argue it is our psychological makeup after you have developed and confirmed you have a valid trading strategy.

A lot of times … I know I have pushed the self-destruct button after I have been in a winning position … how about you?

Day trading is already tough in itself … why make it harder than it should be?


Good Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. Remember the difference between 1000 and 10000 is ONLY ONE Zero!

Day Trading Live Recorded Video:





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