Day Trading Never Stop Learning

As I continue my journey as a day trader at TopStepTrader (TST), what I know is this … day trading never stop learning!

I would like to add two trading charts today  you should never stop learning in day trading … the first one I traded correctly …

But the second one I allowed my trading bias to effect my trading and allow what should have been a winning day turn into a losing trading day.

Trade #1: Short at 3690 after the CLPIT Strategy (loss 18 ticks today)

Trade #2: Woulda/Shoulda/Coulda Trade Long at 3727

Current Crude Oil Market Conditions: High 3781

I have talked about opportunity cost on my last trading video. I seem to be a dollar short and a minute late to every trade I made during this last combine here at TST.

Trading Discipline … who needs that has been my motto. And to top it off I went on and hit my max daily loss just to prove I can do it!

Who needs to be disciplined when you trade by the seat of your pants and go above your max daily loss and just allow every bad trading decision to take over. This has been all set up, in my humble opinion, because of my overtrading on the other two trading days. The difference being the 34 ticks I talked about on my previous blog post.

Now, I entitled this blog post Day Trading Never Stop Learning … because … when you stop learning you stop growing as a trader. I have been inside trading going on 30 years of my life now. I have been to the promise land on many occasions during my trading career, but I have also experienced these lack of trading discipline days that have allowed me to do things I would not normally do, if I would remain calm, cool and collected during my trading session.

So what should be a winning day trading day turned out to be an overall losing trading day and a lost trading combine at TST (TopStepTrader).

I am back to trying to put the square peg into the round hole or visa versa … etc … etc … etc … King and I … Trading Stubborness!

Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. It is good to have these learning experiences … what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!!





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