Day Trading Hanging Out

Day Trading Hanging Out

TopStep Trader Funded Account Check:

This represents my winnings on the funded account at TopStepTrader. I decided to close the funded account and take my winnings home. I was able to trade to a high of $1,258 before experiencing 3 trading days in a row of losses.

Here is the TST Funded Account Summary:

Obviously, I wish I was still in the funded account and didn't have a drawdown. I thought I had a 50/50 chance to get to a new trading account high before a continuation of a drawdown and the 3rd day of trading losses.

Regardless, I was proud to be in the winner's circle at TopStep Trader.

What I believe they should do ... in my humble 0pinion ... is to have a plan for funded traders that have to take a step back and kept all the trading rules intact. This is where I believe there is a HUGE disconnect from them. This should be about keeping the funded traders happy; instead of, milking more money from them in a continuous combine.

My suggestion I sent up to them was 1/2 the cost of the continuous combine or; instead of, paying $150 per month only pay $75 per month for the continuous combine on the $30,000 TST Combine.

I believe this is a reasonable request. Here is the thought ... either they get their full amount of the combine ... which I believe disillusions funded traders, or they have a decent plan to allow for the funded traders to get back to funded status.

Your Thoughts? Here are my TopStepTrader thoughts and suggestions!

How To Make TopStepTrader Better Discussion on

I tried to reply on YouTube. I don’t like Rithmic pro that is offered by MES. I am more comfortable with TST. No pizza and not being paid from them other than what I got from actual trading account.

Obviously, I don’t see eye to eye with the funded department. This is where this disconnect has occurred. I suppose I am either part of the problem or part of the solution.

I believe …
1. They should bring back the 35 dollar practice account.
2. Ease the rules in funded to give 20 trading days.
3. Redevelopment should be offered past 10 trading days if you have not broken any trading rules.

That would be of the most benefit right now. I received an email from HOAG and I am hopeful the next changes will be of benefit to the funded traders.

We will see (name withheld) … Thanks for asking. I suppose it is about going with what I know as opposed to the unknown of MES at this point in time.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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