Crude Oil Day Trading

Day Trading Crude Oil Plus 27 Ticks

Day Trading Crude Oil Plus 27 Ticks

Day Trading Commentary:

Early Morning Day Trading Session … Early morning RBVs on the charts and no BBVs as of yet. WE have went from the pivot point to S1 inside the trading day so far.

(overnight session in the crude oil futures market)

The open outcry of the crude oil futures market is showing signs of a bottom, perhaps we can make it back to the Pivot Point before we end the day trading morning session.

YouTube Video Summary:


In conclusion, I had 3 trades for 27 ticks or $270 of profit less commissions on the day trading session in the crude oil futures day trading.

I finished up my week plus 92 ticks on 4 trading days in the FTP (Day 4). I hope you have an awesome and blessed weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and breath some fresh air in!

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Day Trading Crude Oil Plus 27 Ticks

Well …

It was a decent day trading week for me. I finished up 92 ticks or $920 roughly up on my day trading week on 4 days of trading inside TopStepTrader FTP.

Once again, FTP stands for Funded Trader Preparation at TopStep Trader (TST).

We had …

To deal with a pretty tight trading range for the week and we continue to remain inside the same daily trading range established around December 2nd or so of 2016.

When …

Will we breakout from this crude oil futures trading range? Your guess is just as good as mine, but I have a plan of attack when we do. I don’t care if the crude oil futures market goes up or down. This is the greatest advantage of being a day trader.


In life, we have advantages and disadvantages. In day trading this also applies. We can go up or we can go down. Our biggest advantage as a day trader is the ability to trade in either direction on any given day. We also are not married to any position overnight so each day is a brand new day on a clean slate.

But …

There are some disadvantages. Since we can’t hold overnight as a day trader, we could miss some trending moves because they go without us in the market. For example; this week we had an excellent opportunity to get long this week around 5335 to 5345 price range in the crude oil futures market.

This will continue to apply overall until we go through this point if you were more of a positional or swing trader.

We can’t …

Worry about stuff we have no control over. As day traders, we have control of only two things, in general terms. They are … when we enter and when we exit a trade. So do your best to not sweat the things you can’t control …

In other words …

Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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