Day Trasding Crude Oil OFF Setting Volume

Day Trading Crude Oil OFF Setting Volume

Day Trading Crude Oil OFF Setting Volume

Surprise in the Crude Oil Futures Market today … we were expecting 1M build and got an 8M build number. How did this effect the day trading day?

YouTube Video Summary:


Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:

Crude Oil Inventory Surprise Nuimber:

RBV HBV Extreme Volume Number: Need OFF Setting Volume!

BBV OFF Setting Volume Comes Here:

Trade Setup Plus 3P Profit Target On Short Trade Setup:

Short Trade Going to 2P

3P Profit Target Hit and Trade Exit


Day Trading Notes from Journal Today:


I lost 48 ticks on my day trading today … where did I go wrong … I had 4 trades and lost very close to max daily loss today.


I am still 1K away from Max Drawdown so make this your losing day and move on from this trading day.

Surprise in CL Inventory ,,,

The market had a surprise in the crude oil inventory report today. The report was expecting a 1M build, but there was an 8M build number that caused havoc in the crude oil futures market session.

The market finally showed somewhat of a top at 10:07AM CST this morning to offset the earlier volume posted at the 9:30AM CST mark in the trading session.

I know surprises can be really good day trading days … IF I approach them correctly.

Patience …

We all know the old trading adage … patience in trading brings winning days … how can I be more patient to wait on something to really be the signal?

OFF Setting Voume …

Extreme volume bars need off setting volume bars in the crude oil futures market to come in … if … you are only looking at one side of the market to make a trade. This especially applies to the surprise RBV HVB Extreme Volume Bar … you HAVE to SEE OFF Setting VOLUME to even START to attempt any short side trades from now on!!


Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

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