Day Trading Crude Oil 59

Day Trading Crude Oil on December 6th 2017 Plus 59 Ticks

Day Trading Crude Oil on December 6th 2017 Plus 59 Ticks

Today was a one trade winning day in the crude oil futures market. I was able to capture 59 ticks or $590 before commissions day trading.


Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts:

Day Trading Commentary:

Like I have said before, every so often the squirrel gets the nut.

It was a tough couple of trading days before today. I am blessed to be able to see and then get it.

I went short 5692 at 9:32AM CST and my trade exit was 5633 at 10:16AM CST.

This was worth once again 59 ticks. The crude oil market ticks at 10 dollars per tick so this means it was worth 590 dollars today.

Once again, this is my funded account at TopStepTrader (TST).


Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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