Day Trading Crude Oil

Day Trading Crude Oil on December 4th 2017

Day Trading Crude Oil on December 4th 2017

This is my 6th time in the funded account at TopStepTrader (TST). I will keep myself …

1. To only taking on 3 trades per trading session.
2. Watch TIME to get out of trading DEAD ZONES.
3. Use Volume to give best opportunties to place trade.

The market is trading below the pivot point today located at 5815 in the day trading session of the crude oil futures market.

I have placed two short trade entries into the crude oil futures market today. I am looking for the market to get down to Gann’s 137.5 degree angle located at 5716.

Last trade of trading session is a short trade … allow myself to breath after this trade … turn off trading station and relax.

Live to trade another day!

So How DID I do … first time back to funded … I had 3 trades and was down 5 ticks overall today.

Here is my day trading session that I recorded today …



Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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