Day Trading Crude Oil on December 13th 2017 Plus 5 Ticks

Day Trading Crude Oil on December 13th 2017 Plus 5 Ticks

Today, I finished with plus 5 ticks on 3 trades during my day trading session in the crude oii futures market. I had 2 losses for 15 ticks and 1 win for 20 ticks.


Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:

Day Trading Commentary:

Today is Crude Oil Inventory report trading day. I will be day trading in the crude oil futures market right around 9:30AM CST plus a minute (give or take).

I ran with a 11 to 12 tick stop loss with no more than 3 trades today. Officially, I had 3 trades with 2 losses for 15 ticks and one win for 20 ticks.

The crude oil futures market had what I call a TieBreaker Scenario on the inventory report today.

I wanted to make sure I had enough momentum to take on a trade today with the price action in the CL futures market.

My sole winning trade was to be short at 9:48AM CST at 5717. The trade exit was 5697 at 10:07AM CST for a gain of 20 ticks or 200 dollars.

This was the last trade for the year for me in the funded account here at TopStepTrader (TST).

For the month of December I had 20 trades for an overall gain of 88 ticks or $880 before commissions day trading crude oil futures.

Go Steelers Beat Patriots!!



Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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