Day Traders Kick Ass!!

Day Traders Kick Ass

May 15th, 2015: Friday

So do Day Traders Kick Ass?

You tell me!

No Crude Oil Trading Today. Reason 3rd Friday of the Month! (ROLL Day in CL)

Crude Oil Trading Week In Review:

  1. Tuesday Plus 3 ticks on 1 trade.
  2. Wednesday Plus 48 ticks on 1 trade.
  3. Thursday Plus 59 ticks on 2 trades.

Net Gain on the Week: 110 Ticks on 4 trades or $1,110 before commission costs.

Tuesday: Trade #1 CLPORT Method

This trade went on to a 1P profit target, but I was looking for the market to go down to the pivot point on the trade. When it decided to retrace, I was taken out with a 3 tick gain on the trade or $30 per contract traded.

What you are seeing here is my CLPORT Method or CL Power Opening Range Trade Method … this is my core trading strategy that is available at no charge for you to review here: CL Power Trading Method

Wednesday: Trade #2 CLPIT Method

Here is my CLPIT Method or CL Power Inventory Trade Method. This trade was a very short period of time in the trade. This trading method earned 48 ticks or $480 in a little over two minutes of trading time.

What is great about this trading method called CLPIT Method is you only need to know one thing each week … what day the Crude Oil Inventory Report is released then be ready to take advantage of the trading opportunity.

Another good way to watch this and all my trading strategies in action is to join my TST Quest group here: TST Quest

Thursday: Trade #3 LVLTW HVS 700

LVLTW means Let Volume Lead The Way … and this is exactly what you do with this trading method!

This trade was a bracket entry on the trading day. The Long (Buy) was a loss of 11 ticks, and the Short (Sell) was a win for 70 ticks netting 59 ticks or $590 per contract traded.

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So …

4 trades on the week. 3 Wins and 1 Loss. Pretty good week, if I have to say so myself.

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Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight
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