Day Trade Room Compromise

Day Trade Room Compromise

Here is my day trade room compromise. I think it is a fair and equitable solution.

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Monthly Expenses:
  1. TopStepTrader 30K Combine $150.00
  2. Digital Marketer $38.60
  3. Optimize Press $17.00
  4. WP Engine $29.00
  5. GoDaddy $20.99
  6. Comcast Internet (10 percent) $7.96
  7. Sprint Cellular (10 percent) $19.10
  8. Office Supplies (ink, paper, etc.) $35.00
  9. Misc. Expenses $15.00

Sub Total: $332.35

  • Proposed Additional Monthly Expenses
  1. Demio $74.00
  2. AWeber $19.00
  3. Stripe (Pay As You Go) $0.00

New Sub Total: $425.35

Desired Profit:  $99.65
(would pay for 1 reset per month)

Grand Total $525.00


So, what I am looking to achieve in 30 days after I start the day trade room is to cover my monthly expenses plus some profit to get to a total of $525. If I have this covered, then I will continue the 1-2-3 Day Trade Room, if not then I will stop the room.

This seems fair enough to me.

I will set up either something like Patreon or GoFundMe to trust on the benevolence of my trading friends to keep the day trading room open or not. This seems like the best solution. Either I am worthy to have a room or not … I leave it in your quite capable hands.



Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

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