Day Trade Got To Love Your Haters

Day Trade Got To Love Your Haters

Day Trade Got To Love Your Haters

Today I am reminded to love your enemies. And more importantly, as Luke 2:19 says, treasure these memories and store them up in your heart (paraphrased).

Obviously, I am striking a nerve. And I know I am close to figure this day trading thing out.

Patience and Discipline … this is the last things I need to work on to turn the corner as a day trader.

Ok, would a rather be out $1,100 dollars in my trading account or $150 in the continuous combine at TopStepTrader (TST). I think it is a no brainer right now.

This is why I am striving to get back into funded. Yes, it will be my 5th time to get back there. But with all good things, it takes time, patience and discipline.

What can I work on as a day trader? Yep … patience and discipline!

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Day Trade Got To Love Your Haters

As I finish up this day, I am reminded how easy it is to hate someone, but how hard it is to forgive them. I know the hate comes from a spot they have an issue with. It is not me that they are hating on. It is the situation or life in general that causes someone to lash out at someone.

This reminds me playing and coaching football. During the game the other side of the field is my enemy, but after the game we still shake hands and say, “good game.”

So …

The moral of the story is I know I am onto something. It is just a matter of better interpretation of the dataset.

And …

Patience and Better Discipline staying out of the muck that produces the most losses in my trading account overall.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. Do you know your ONE THING to improve your trading performance?



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