Day 8 Live Funded Trader at TopStepTrader

S0meone has said a picture is worth a 1000 words …

What did this picture mean to me?

This was a simple to understand trading setup. We had a pattern of lower highs forming and the Pivot Point sitting there just asking to come on back down to me. My original reward was 3 to 1 when I took on the trading opportunity. I thought we could drive back down to 3333.

I went into the day trade with only one intention. Take one trade to see if I could finish up my trading month above the zero line and have a positive January 2016. This was accomplished on this trade.

Short Trade Entry: 3368 at 12:56PM CST (original trade entry was 3369 … one tick slippage on trade)

Trade Exit: 3346 at 1:14PM CST

I moved to breakeven on the break to the pivot point located at 3343 and went to 3346 to lock in a positive month on the small break under the pivot point. This was all according to plan. I was risking 10 ticks to make 30 ticks, but I settled for 22 ticks or 2:1 on the short trade.

What this did was more on the mental framework than anything else, I wanted to finish the month of January positive, if possible. I was willing to risk $100 to see this become the case while looking for at least $200 or more on the trading opportunity.

Bottom line, this leaves me with 2 more trading days in the qualifications, which should be accomplished next week.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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