Day 4 TST 50K Trading Combine

Day 4 TST 50K Trading Combine: Crude Oil Trading

I had two trades today in the Crude Oil Market. The first one lost 9 ticks and the second one won 69 ticks today for a net of 60 ticks overall t0day.

Next CL Chart: Short Entry Point

Next CL Chart: Hit Stop Loss on Original Short Entry First trade.

Next CL Chart: Second Trade with Correct Short Entry at 8:45AM CST. Trade reached 1P on the chart below.

Next CL Chart: CL Market reached down to 2P below.

Next CL Chart: Crude Oil continued its downward spiral down to the Pivot Point and 3P on the trading day.

Next CL Chart: Crude Oil reached down to its low of the trading session and also the 4P area on the trading chart.

Next CL Chart: Trade Exit 4697 at 9:38AM CST today.

Conclusion Trading Today in CL … and That’s All Folks. I am working on my next training video and also was doing some reading today on W.D. Gann and the Square of 9. There will be more to come over the weekend. My next trading “training” will be on Velocity vs. Risk.

As I look over my week, I had a productive trading week as I put in place another trading rule to stop me from overtrading when there isn’t an entry to make. I MUST have VOLUME to make a trading decision when I enter a trade from this point forward.

Have a great weekend!!


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. Day 4 TST 50K Trading Combine Summary:


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