Day 3 Momentum Indicator – PercentR Test

Hello Traders,

Day 3 Testing during afternoon trading session in the Crude Oil Market with a Momentum Indicator.

Miyamoto MusashiYou must have extraordinary passion, patience, and self-discipline to make a journey alone.  The goals must be understood, definitive, and no diversion can be acknowledged or permitted if you are to attain enlightenment within the sphere of a chosen art.  This is a very difficult road to travel and not many are made for it.  It is frustrating, confusing, very lonely, certainly frightening, and it will sometimes make you think you do not have much sanity left to deal with the every-day surroundings of your world.  Also, there is no guarantee that you will attain perfection.  It must all come from inside you without any preconceived notions on your part.  And so we begin … ” – Miyamoto Musashi (Book of 5 Rings)


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David ‘Tiger’ Knight






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