Crude Oil Trading on April 15th 2015

Wednesday: April 15th, 2015

Good Day Traders and Friends,

CL Open Trade today showed a short entry at 5432 filled at 8:12AM CST. Today’s trade was setup with a very nice HVS spike bar at (blue volume) at 8:03AM CST Volume on Bar was 1539.

1P on Trade was reached at 5406 at 8:24AM CST.

Trade went on to 1P profit target at 5406 this morning.

2nd contract series: Profit Runner following the 200 Bar SMA on trade now.

Blue Line across chart is the 200 Bar SMA line on the trade (when in a profitable position) in between profit targets this is a good place to trail your contract looking for a runner. I am setup looking for a 3P profit target on the last contract. We will see how it finishes up. This is the easy part of a trade … when you are in a profit and simply moving the runner (profit target).

Crude OIl Inventory Report today at 9:30AM CST … we will have a time based stop on the runner if still in closing in on that time.

Trade Stop on Runner was hit before the time based stop today.

TST Account over $53,000 Goal Achieved on Trading Account at TopStepTrader.


Kind Regards and God Bless,

TradeCraze (not TradeCrazy) … 🙂

P.S. Talk about a market that wanted to go up … glad I got out of the way!!

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