Crude Oil Stop Running!

Crude Oil Trading on April 14th 2015

Tuesday: April 14th, 2015

Crude Oil Stop Running!First trade of day is the Crude Oil Open Trade.

Short (Sell) is the signal … waiting for the trade to line up on the short side … right now new highs are being runned at 8:11AM CST.

The CL Open Trade did not work out today … it was a range bound market until the market finally showed its hand with the 2 HVS Spike bars showing up in the trading morning giving the opportunity to get Long.

Trade #1: CL Open Trade Took Full Loss on 2 Contracts (-24) ticks.

Right Now I am down 69 ticks overall. I am long 3 looking for 5306 Profit Target from a long entry at 5267 at 8:43AM CST. All else has failed this morning. Market is looking like it wants to go up at least at this point in time.

I had 3 trades for losses to open up the day. I am still looking for a breakeven 1.5P trade to get back to even and a little positive or I will be too close to my daily stop loss on a 4th loss in a row.

It’s been a yo-yo of a trading morning so far.

Finally, caught one and am running it right now at 9:57AM CST … the market finally showed its hand to the upside after the 2nd HVS bar (sell stops being runned) on higher than 1000 per volume on each bar.

It was a heavyweight fight to find the right side of the market until the 2nd HVS spike bar came into the market … showing the move to the upside is more valid than the short on the trading morning.

  1. First HVS Spike Bar at 8:52AM CST at 1154 Volume
  2. Second HVS Spike Bar at 9:25AM CST at 1013 Volume

This was the final signal the market wanted to make a move up on the trading day.

Trend Line on Chart along with a Horizontal Line Showing the Market was basing for a move up. The trade was to find a place to go long above the yellow trend line closing above and making the 123 move setup.

Crude Oil Long Trade Entry at 9:16AM CST at 5283:

Here is the Fib. Extension showing the market had a good way to run when it finally broke out … it made the 100% target and went to the daily high right now 5342 at 9:48AM CST.

Turning a losing day into a winning day by staying under control and being patient waiting for the market to show its hand! I found myself trading in the hole to start the morning session.

The CL Open Trade was a loser. One thing I noticed on my breakeven trade entry today the market easily went to 1P but it struggled at 1.5P … perhaps a minor adjustment needed to trading plan.

Well, this will do it for the trading session for me today … time to hit the drawing board … it was win one … lose one … win one kind of day until it finally broke up on the trading morning while I was trading.


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