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Crude Oil Trading May 20th 2015

Wednesday: May 20th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading Today:
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CLPORT Method: No Trade Today

Time Based Stop Hit at 8:30AM CST.

CLPIT Method:
Long Entry at 5889 Hit Stop Loss at 5874

CL Power Inner Circle Trade:
Long at 5843

Profit Runner Stop Hit at 5867 (1P)

Net on trading today … 2 trades plus 9 ticks overall.

No trade today at the Crude Oil Open. The CL Inventory Trade didn’t work out, but the CL Power Inner Circle Bracket Long Trade did get us back to breakeven and a small win on the trading day.

One note … do you or do you not take the reverse of the CLPIT? Yes, you can treat it like a bracket trade, if you are nimble enough and have deep enough pockets to stay in the trade to reverse it.

Today the chart looked like this:

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P.S.S. My CL Power Open Range Trade Strategy will not REMAIN Free for Much Longer!


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