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Crude Oil Trading May 19th 2015

Tuesday: May 19th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading Today

CLPORT Method:
Long Entry at 5908. Stop Loss Hit at 5897 Today. Loss of 11 ticks.

3 Trading Losses in a row … today. Down 28 ticks … did I say I think the F’ing Max Daily Loss of $300 Sucks Donkey Dick! Did I ever say I hate to lose in trading. It is so frustrating … to be right and wrong at the same time.

That’s all folks as my own Max Daily Loss is $500 on one contract trading. I think I HATE THIS THE MOST of all the things I like about TST … this BS about 300 max daily loss is absolute BS

Obviously, this is my biggest problem … I can’t trade my full trading method of 1 contract against the TST Rules of Max Daily Loss of $300.

Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight


P.S. I am so PISSED right now I don’t even want to save a chart today!! I am going to have to have even better entry rules to get into the 2nd Trade after the 1st Loss.

P.S.S. What would happen on the trading day … if I waited for a BBV greater than 700 … or a RBV greater than 1000 … before entering the 2nd trade entry today? Stay Tuned to the Bat Channel.

All this does is confirm the trend to be short right now … so how do I work around the $300 Daily Max Trading Loss at TST to make it work for me … right now I know I have been foiled again from a winning trading day. I don’t have an answer at present on this situation.

What I know is this … at current volatility I can only take on 2 trades at full loss … the 3rd trade I cannot … and VOLATILITY is low at present in the CL Market set at 1.91 … hell it’s below 2 right now … I am very frustrated trying to find a work around …

BUT I also know this will bring me some inspiration when it appears and materializes to me. Yes, I am asking the UNIVERSE to show me the way!


Day 5 Funded Trader Recap:
Some Lessons Learned Today against the $300 Max Daily Loss.


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