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Crude Oil Trading May 12th 2015

May 12th, 2015: Crude Oil Trading: CLPORT Method

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Short Entry Point was 5979 filled at 5976 today.

We are looking for move to go to Pivot Point on Down Move. This is a 2P Trade Setup Today.

Honestly, looked like market was going to go down to Pivot Point at 5932.

Market went down to a 1P Profit Target in today’s trading located at 5955 before moving back up … there was a double bottom that formed between 8:21AM to 8:31AM CST in trading today.

This double bottom stopped the downward move to the Pivot Point on the trade with no volume to show that the move down was over … trade won 3 ticks on the day overall.

Today was a unique trading day. Even though, you would think the CLPORT method would have went LONG … it went short because of the overnights and a very high 2107 Blue Bar Volume at 4:28AM CST. This trumped all other bars.


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