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Crude Oil Trading June 12th 2015

Friday June 12th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading:

Somethings are out of my control … the new $30K TST Trading Combine was setup on the wrong trading platform today. I cannot trade it until support corrects this issue.

I am active in my new $30K TST Trading Account. There has not been a valid trading signal yet this morning … closing in the close of the CLPORT Method time based stop at 8:30AM CST.

No Trade Time Based Stop Hit Today:

Right now, I am looking at a possible FAKE OUT SETUP on the trading charts with the retest and failure at S1 at 8:26AM CST … will it fail and go down from here?

At 8:55AM CST Bracket Trade Market Could Break Either Way … back to Pivot Point or Back Down to S1.

Pivot Point is located at 6077 Today and S1 is located at 6000 both seem to be important numbers to get to and breakthrough.

Trade #1: Short at 6025 … 1P was hit at 6003 on trade. Stop is at Breakeven now plus 3 ticks … reason Friday can be very choppy! Initial Target is 5P off the open at 6055 today. This profit target is 5945, which also happens to be S2 on the trading day.

Market Trades on Down to 2P located at 5981.

Market puts on the brakes as it recovers and moves above the S1 Support/Resistance Level once again. My profit stop on the trade was hit at 6002 netting a couple hundred to open up the $30K TST Trading Combine.

I definitely feel better about the $500 Max Daily Loss compared to the $300 Max Daily Loss. I didn’t stress at all on any of my trade setups knowing I didn’t have to worry about or have an issue against Max Daily Loss now with my trading method against the combine.

That’s all for now …

Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless

David M. Knight

P.S. Training for week will be here …

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