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Crude Oil Trading July 7th 2015

Tuesday: July 7th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading … first day back to the grind … how will the day treat me? The good news I am back to it … the bad news I already took my first trading loss of 14 ticks this morning.

Since, I have been gone the Crude Oil Market has busted down out of a trading range and is now trading between 52 to 52 dollars a barrel.

Ok, I have been out of the loop a little … but I am looking for the market to have a nice run down … continued short from the previous days action going for a target around 10P on the trading day places the trade right above the $50 a barrel in crude oil.

Boy, I felt like I was in a heavyweight fight for my first day back to trading the Crude Oil Market. Today … you would have thought would have been an easier day to trade given what the market state looked like before trading … but it didn’t cooperate to start the trading day off.

I got caught 3 times before the market decided to go down … I was looking at a break below 5238 based on support levels being broken at that point. My profit target on trade was 7P.

It should not have been this hard to trade … and I seemed to have missed out on the rest of the short based on price action today.

I was able to capture 6P on my trading today after a small pullback took me out right at the 7P mark on the trading day.

S1 Support Was Busted in Today’s Trading.


Ok … that is all for my comments today … I am still looking to be cautious in my trading in July.


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. I stopped my members area and autoresponder service … I didn’t find either service cost effective for what I am looking to do as a trader. I will keep Wistia Video Service so I will use my Optimize Press to build out a members area soon. I was using Click Funnels and InfusionSoft, respectively. These services were not worth the cost for me.

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