CL Power Trading Method

Crude Oil Trading for 7P Profit Target

Friday: May 29th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading

CLPORT Method: Wins 22 Ticks Today

May 2015 CLPORT Method Totals:

CLPORT Method: 2015 Total (April and May) $2,450.00

Trade Continues … on past 2P and up to 3P … still in.

3P gives way to 4P and then 5P Profit Target at 5899 is also Hit!

After a little more time a push to 6P on the trading day.

We HIT our 7P Profit Target on the Runner Today at 5942 and OUT!

Today’s trade is one of the times you wish all of them were this easy! The market never retraced back to take us out on our runner and we were able to capture maximum profit on the trade today.

This is why you trade … right here!!

1st Series of Contracts out at 3P today this was equal to 65 ticks or $650.00

2nd Series of Contracts (RUNNER) out at 7P today this was equal to 152 ticks or $1,520.00

Total per every 2 contracts traded was 217 ticks or $2,170.00!!


Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight
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P.S. A Great Quote from Richard D. Wyckoff from Stock Market Technique Number 1

Richard D. Wyckoff

Richard D. Wyckoff

“Trading in stocks (futures) is more than a business it is an art, a science, a profession — whichever you choose. It demands study and concentration if one is to make a success of it. Those who make trading a sideline or a hobby should at least master the principles that govern the trend of prices and thus begin to build a permanent success.” – Richard D. Wyckoff


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