Crude Oil Trading August 20th 2015

Thursday: August 20th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading … all I need to accomplish now is 3 more trading days to submit this trading combine. I will run with a 3 tick stop loss and will go for a 2P profit target on the next 3 trading days to wrap this combine up.

CLPORT Method: Trade #1 Short at 4106 Time of trade was 8:05AM CST. 3 Tick Stop Loss was run a minute later on the trade. This makes 8 trading days in the TST Combine. Two more trading days are needed to complete the TopStepTrader Combine according to the trading rules.

Now I am watching this trade to see what is run first … the 1/2R stop the full R stop or the 1P or 2P profit targets on the CLPORT Method trade this morning.

The plan is to trade the next 3 trading days going for a 2P profit target while only risking 3 ticks on the trade entry. I took a 3 tick hit today or $30 plus the $3.68 commission cost. Total trading loss on the trading day is $33.68. My trading account balance stands at $31,598.48.

Two more trading losses of the same amount places the trading account less $67.36 or $31,531.12, which is $1,531.12 of profit and a 50% Win/Loss Rate. I will pass all the TST Combine trading rules with 2 more trading days in the books now.

The goal is to trade Friday and Monday to get the combine completed and then submit my combine for review.

Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. TST Trading Statement 8 Trading Days in of 10


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