Crude Oil Trading August 19th 2015

Wednesday: August 19th, 2015

CL Power Intensive 4 Week Trading Class

Crude Oil Trading … today’s trade was the CLPIT Method Trade. I went short at 4230 at 9:31AM CST. At 9:37AM CST, the Crude Oil Market reached back to S1 and also to the first 1P Target on the trade. This trade is now at breakeven.

Crude Oil Trading … market reached down below S1 and went through 2P on the trade so far … how much down pressure will we see on the trading day?

I believe I have enough profit on this trade to be able to pass the TST $30K combine now. This is my 7th day trading and I have 3 more trading days left to qualify. The crude oil market reached down to the 7P mark on the trading session and I placed my protective profit stop in the market to collect as much profit as possible while still doing my best to follow my trading rules.

Could I have made more on this trade? Sure … but I believe it is more important to pass the combine and move to funded trader status to start getting paid!!

They made a new trading rule that the first withdraw up to $5K is yours 100 percent yesterday!!

TST Trading Statement:

Also, here is a great article from Richard Demille Wyckoff: Trading from the Tape

Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. I made 65 ticks on one trade today or $650 less commissions. I need 3 more trading days with a stop loss of 3 ticks and a 2P to 1P profit target I should be able to submit this combine for review.


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