Crude Oil Trading on April 7th 2015

Tuesday: April 7th, 2015

Afternoon trading … market up looking for retracement back to at least R1 Support at 5300 at time of short trade. I have made 2 short trades looking for at least 1P on opening contract and have moved to Breakeven plus a couple of ticks on both trading opportunities.

See trading charts from today’s trading:

2nd Trading Opportunity:

Attempting Long Entry at 5367 at 12:16PM CST and was stopped out on trade now waiting for a signal to get in again minus 10 and minus 14.

Which way? I need a tiebreaker to prove the long is valid with current market conditions … I would like to find an area to get long if possible otherwise I am still looking at the R1 at 5300 as a possible supporting area but enough room to run a short.

Long Entry Today up to R2 and beyond …

Ended up 36 ticks on the trading day … certainly could have been more … but I followed trading plan and took what market was giving. I could have moved my runner profit stop a little too close to the market when it was run at 5367 on the pullback before the R2 was run at 5400.


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