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Crude Oil Trading April 30th 2015

Thursday: April 30th, 2015

Crude Oil Power Opening Range Trade (CLPORT): Trade Setup at 8:26AM CST go Long at 5875. Stop Loss was Hit at 5864 at 8:28AM CST. Minus 11 ticks on the Crude Oil Opening Range Trade to end the month.

Note: Today is Month End for April 2015.

CL Power Opening Range Trade (CLPORT) APRIL 2015 Trading Report:

Looking over the Month of April 2015 CLPORT took 14 trades. 8 for wins and 6 for losses. Taking out trading Monday’s and Month End the Trading Strategy would have earned $1,490.00. Monday once again proved to be a tough day to trade and Month End is simply a crapshoot each month, in my humble opinion.

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