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Crude Oil Trading April 28th 2015

Tuesday: April 28th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading: CL Power Open Range Trade:

Things on my mind right now … 7P Setup and HVS 700 also CLPORT 400 … SA BABY … Trading Rules.

Nothing early … highest Volume Bar is Blue 388 at 7:41AM CST. There are 3 Blue Volume Bars in early trading (before Open Outcry Open). All 3 are lower than 400 in Volume … Market is trading right at the PP located at 5702 now at 8:11AM CST.

BBV 488 at 8:18AM CST. Right now this puts the CLPORT trade to Short one tick above the PP … interesting.

Trade #1 Short at 5703 at 8:26AM CST.
Stop Loss Run at 5713 on trade. (-11 ticks). RIght now market trading at 5715 and holding …

Lower Highs hold up? Market went up to 5718 then had its first minor sell off below the PP at 5702.

No! They do not market has a minor selloff then a buying opportunity appeared and a bracketed market.

RBV 755 at 8:37AM CST.

Market Bracket at 8:45AM CST:
Long 5697
Short 5677

Trade #2 Long at 5696 at 8:47AM CST.

ON the RBV … this warrants a bracketed market to either continue the downward movement or GO Long!

Market is Poised for an Upside Breakout … IMHO Today

Market Took OFF and Showed its hand with 2 BBV HVS Spikes above 1000! Go Long Young Man!

Market Runs through 1P to 2P all the way to 3P before pulling back.

Caught in the Pullback … I was looking for a 7P Move as usual on the setup from the open of the market. Today this placed to cover the long at 5831. The market had other plans and I was caught in the pullback down when the market retraced down and through the R1 point at 5752.

This is more like it!


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