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Crude Oil Trading April 24th 2015

Friday: April 24th, 2015

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Some Highlights of the Live CL Power
Trading Method Session:

Today during trading … it was a quick winning trading morning. I wish they were all this easy!!

Trade #1: Short Entry 5753 at 8:08AM CST.

This was a quick win today. They obviously all don’t win so quick .. but it happens more than you think … trade exit at 1P Profit Target today.

1P Profit Target 5727 filled at 8:09AM CST plus 26 ticks or $260 gain before commissions.

To pass the TST Combine I have decided to only take my CL Power Open Range Trade each day and document my entry here on my blog.

This week in the TST area I had two learning experiences … one was from a 14 year old that made me rethink how I do things … and I am 48. He simplified it for me … Jesus said basically the same thing … and it is shown by this KISS … how easily we forget to KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

On the CL Power Trading Method this is the one contract trading area of the trading strategy that is being shown. I am certain the blog will reflect a lot more details … but my CL Power Basic Method is available to you at no charge!

CL Power Trading Method

Have an awesome weekend!


Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless,

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