CL Power Trading Method

Crude Oil Market: Green First Day Live Funded Trader

Thursday: October 1st, 2015

Crude Oil Market Trading … First Day of LIVE Funded Account!

CLPORT Method: Trade #1 Short 4694 filled at 8:26AM CST. Trade Exit was 4667 at 9:22AM CST. 1.5P after a 3P Move … market came back and took me out and then traded down to a swing low of 4517, which was 9P down move.

Crude Oil Market after Trade Entry:

Next Trading Chart: Crude Oil reaches down to the 1P profit target.

Next Trading Chart: Crude Oil first retracement after reaching 1P on the down move.

Will the CL Market Hold the line?

Next Trading Chart: Crude Oil Market reaches down to 2P and then on thru 3P on the downward move.

Next Trading Chart: Crude Oil Market then retraces back and takes me out at 1.5P after reaching down 3P on the downward move.

Trade #1 in the Crude Oil Market earns 27 ticks overall.

As for the rest of my trades in the morning session of the Crude Oil Market:

Trade #2: Long 4543 Trade Exit 4531 at 10:08AM CST Lost 12 Ticks.

Trade #3: Long 4549 at 10:23AM CST Trade Exit 4552 at 10:36AM CST BE 3 Ticks.

Trade #4: Short 4520 at 10:54AM CST Trade Exit 4518 at 11:03AM CST BE 2 Ticks.

For my first day of the LIVE FUNDED Account at TST I earned a net of 20 ticks on 4 trades.

Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. Day One LIVE Funded Trader is Green!

TST Funded Trader Summary:



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