Futures Crude Oil Day Trading

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading May 12th 2016

Some Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts Today:

Top Step Trader Account Summary 10 Trading Days In: Going to FTP!

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Short Entry 4671

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Market reaches 1P

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Trading Exit 4637

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: After 9 Trading Days

When I was reviewing the trading day, there were two trades I would have been in today. The first would have been for a loss of 12 ticks per contract traded, and the 2nd trade was for a win of 34 ticks per contract traded.

The more I think about how to approach your combine here at Top Step Trader … it is all about simply surviving and moving on to FTP (Funded Trader Preparation) at Top Step Trader (TST). Another thought I have is how should you approach a multiple contract trading situation. I think it is very hard to trade multiple contracts with only a $500 trading max daily loss per trading day.


Because you can accumulate losses quickly when the volatility increases … or what you have to trade on the R side (risk); for instance, just a week or so ago 1/2 R was only 7 ticks now it is 12 ticks per contract traded. So we have increased our “R” per trade 5 ticks … so you need to take this into account as you are considering risk to amount of contracts you will trade per opportunity.

In any case, I will be moving into FTP sometime next week … all things being equal and hopefully right back into the Funded Trader Status for the 3rd and final time …

Here is what I know about being a funded trader at TopStepTrader (TST), you need to take your best trading strategy and get well above ZERO in your first 10 trading days … what this means is being VERY selective in your trading entries until you build up a cushion.

My goal as I approach Funded Trader will be to get a gain of $5,000 in the trading account before I request my first withdrawal of $2,500. So my first restart will be when I reach close to a $5,000 gain in the trading account. At least, this is my initial thought going into FTP and into Funded Trader …

That’s All Folks for the Trading WeeK …


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. FTP at TopStepTrader Here I Come (my clpit strategy)





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