Crude Oil Day Trading First Day of 2016

Crude Oil Day Trading First Day of 2016:

Crude Oil Day Trading Video (recorded last night the 18th of January 2016):

Here are my trading charts for my first trading day back in the Crude Oil Futures Market:

My opening trade lost 12 ticks for the trading year. I went short 3041 at 8:06AM CST and hit my stop loss 3053 at 8:21AM CST.

My 2nd trade was able to earn 35 ticks win. I went short once again 3041 at 8:25AM CST. The trade exit was 3006 at 9:16AM CST.

I was able to net plus 23 ticks overall on my first trading day for 2016 in the Crude Oil Futures Market.

Here is my Trade Exit shown below:

As I approached today, I knew I would rather be short than long with the $30.00 a barrel in sight of reaching it during the trading session.

My first attempt failed, but the second attempt was a winning trade. I lost 12 ticks, while taking away 35 ticks on the winning trade allowing a net of plus 23 ticks or $230 less commissions on the crude oil futures trading session.

It’s good to be back …


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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