Crude Oil Day Trading Facts are Facts with TST

Here is my story for what it is worth and the 2 cents and soapbox I am on with TopStepTrader: Crude Oil Day Trading Facts are Facts with TST

I restarted trading in March of 2015 after being away from it for a while. I looked at TST before that in August of 2014.

In any case, I made the decision to give it a go and I greenlighted the project to become a funded trader at TST. I have completed this mission twice since I started working this only to be dropped out of the funded account.

IS this all my fault? Well, according to the rules at TST, then I would have to say yes … but I wanted to show my overall performance since I passed my first combine from the period of July 13th through today.

  • 1st – July 13th through August 25th, 2015: 10 Day Combine: $1,531
  • 2nd – August 25th through September 22nd, 2015: Funded Trader Preparation: $2,383
  • 3rd – September 17th through October 9th, 2015: Funded Trader Practice: $1,122
  • 4th – October 1st through October 9th, 2015: Live Funded Trader Account: ($534)
  • 5th – October 12th through October 26th, 2015: 10 Day Combine: $200
  • 6th – October 29th through November 11th 2015: 10 Day Combine: $1,637
  • 7th – November 18th through January 17th, 2015: Funded Trader Preparation: $536
  • 8th – January 12th through February 3rd, 2015: Live Funded Trader Account: ($439)
  • 9th – January 27th through today: Funded Trader Practice: $1,464
  • 10th – February 8th through today: 10 Day Combine: ($666)

If you add up all these total from July 13th through today you come up to $7,234, and if you take away the funded trader practice amounts you come up with $4,648.

Here is the bottom line I am reaching a year of actively pursuing my time with TopStepTrader. Overall, I have been in the winners circle more than the losers circle, but I have nothing to show for it.

Can you say I am frustrated? Yes … this is an understatement to say the least.

Do I feel like a loser? At times that answer is yes … but then I have went through my performance and I know people would kill to have the kind of performance I have done.

I have had to write, and then rewrite and then write and then rewrite my trading rules to accomodate TST trading rules way too many times.


Has this made me a better trader?

Bottom line … the answer to this question is YES!

So even though I am not seeing the success I am capable of doing … I am performing well. Overall, I would give me a “C” as a grade so far. There is a lot of room for improvement. I just hope I can commit more time to this pursuit in 2016. My patience is wearing thin with TST. I still feel the carrot is worth pursuing as of today, even if I fail my next 10 day combine, but I feel very strongly those that have proven themselves should not have to pay to play.

There use to be a rule that once you passed into the LTP you didn’t have to pay. Now this is not the truth … yes … they are in business to make money … but I do feel they should work more closely with those that can; instead of, disgarding us like the trash to be thrown out.

This is exactly how you feel when you fail in the Live Funded Trader Account. Sure, I am in redevelopment right now, but my head was not in the right place for 5 out of the 7 days I have traded so far. On my 2 winning days I have made $840 and $470 … but I am still down overall on the 5 losing trading days.

I have 3 trading days left on this 10 day trading combine. My plan of attack is to wait for Tuesday through Thursday or February 23rd through February 25th to perhaps the 26th to have my last 3 trading days in the 10 Day Combine.

My only advice on the Live Funded Trader Account is they have a max drawdown on the trading account … you should not be kicked out of the live funded account if you are above this amount and the 10 days of trading should be removed. It should not matter if you are above zero or not, as the drawdown on the account moves up with every dollar you win overall as a trader for the trading day.

For instance, I was up $235 I believe on my last live funded trader account when I learned of the fact I would have to stay above zero after the 10 trading days … so in fact … the max drawdown after 10 trading days no matter where you are in your live funded account is ZERO. In my humble opinion, this is total BULLSHIT.

You either have a max drawdown on the account or you don’t … ZERO … should not be a point to w0rry about as a trader trying to trade for a breakout. This only adds pressure to those that are trading.

In my humble opinion, the live funded trader account is too hard to maintain at TST. So you have to honestly ask yourself this question … are they in it to really make live funded traders or just to take money as a company overall.

I don’t feel any more special to them as someone who has been able to pass the rules and make it. In fact, I feel really the exact opposite.

To be a day trader is tough … I am appreciative of the redevel0pment opportunity … but … there needs to be more to it than “good luck and I hope to see you again.”


Kind Regards and My 2 Cents,

David M. Knight

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