Crude Oil Day Trading Day 2 MES

Crude Oil Day Trading Day 2 MES

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

This is Rithmic Pro. This is the FREE version you get with the MES Capital Group account. I am not a fan. I miss my CTS T4 platform. They use Rithmic data to monitor your performance during the 20 trading days.

I am Day 2 of 20 days of Trading. You are required to trade 18 of the 20 days.

The Setup above was a Gann 4th time through showing up on the charts.

Some of the things I can’t seem to get on Rithmic Pro …

  • Pivot Point Study
  • Have to Manually Input Horizontal Lines onto the chart
  • Volume Spikes (forget about it – sucks with Rithmic Pro Version)
  • Williams%R you can’t modify the settings to see the lines.
  • I can’t seem to figure out a way to place a limit order …
  • I have to place market orders only …
  • … and the list goes on and on …

But it’s FREE … and it is part of the evaluation process at MES Capital Group. They clear through VanKar Trading … and they have CTS T4 so hopefully this can be negotiated later on.

Bottom line … I wouldn’t have went here if TST (TopStepTrader) would be more accomodating with being a Funded Trader.

In addition, I am talking to a few brokers to determine where I would like to open up my futures account that utilizes CTS T4.

Well, that’s about it … it was a grinding kind of day. It looked like it wanted to test $50 a barrell, but then backed off. And then it looked like it wanted to test the Pivot Point at 4841 … backed off of that as well. So exit stage right here.

Have a nice weekend.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. The Trading Strategy in Crude Oil that started my trading journey!

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