The Ultimate Day Trading Shortcut

Crude Oil Day Trading Case Study $840 Dollars In 8 Minutes

Crude Oil Day Trading: Case Study $840 Dollars 8 Minutes

Gann 4th Time Thru Short Trade

This short trade shown on the video was worth 84 ticks or $840 profit. It ran my 3P Profit Target. On this trade, I had 3P set at 84 ticks according to my volatility measurement, and the stop loss was set at 1/2R which was equal to 12 ticks on this trade.

Profit to Loss Ratio: 84:12 Equals 7:1 On This Short Trade.
Remember I am always looking for 2:1 on any trade consideration.


By the way, you will find a further explanation regarding this short trade after the shared screenshots below in this blog post. This trade is part of my Ultimate Day Trading Shortcut series.




Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Gann 4th Time Thru Short Signal

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: 1P Profit Target Achieved

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Bounce and Then Down

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: 2P Profit Target Achieved

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Bracket To Profit Profits On Short Trade

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Plus 84 Ticks on a 3P Move


Crude Oil Day Trading: Case Study $840 Dollars 8 Minutes

Volume Tick Study (VTS) Defined:
The belief that VOLUME on a TICK CHART will leave behind a foot print in the sand allowing the astute (day) trader to make a rather calculated approximation of true market direction on the tick chart.


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While I am reflecting on a prosperous trading year, I am very thankful to you, my trading friend. It is very important to me to put out truthful and brutally honest stuff when it relates to trading. It has been a rather good year, not in monetary measurement, but by the new trading friends I have met along my own day trading journey.

I want to encourage you to take advantage of method of approaching the markets as a day trader. The Crude Oil Futures market is a big place and us little traders trading between 1 to 10 contracts will not put a dent in it. The liquidity of this market is simply mind boggling.

So …

As I wrap up this blog post, I want to once again thank you for being you. You have made my trading journey a lot less lonely.



Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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