CLPower Day Trading Strategy – 1-2-3 Day Trade

CLPower Day Trading Strategy

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About this course

Welcome! This is the basic guts of the course and why it was so "inexpensive" because we will build this course together over time.

The recordings of the live day trading room will be made available the day after the live session. Right now, most of this course is being built on the fly. I have a lot of information for you to review here:

If you are NEW to Futures Trading, then I would suggest you start here:

The next logical step would be to learn more about me and the way I will approach the markets:

Finally, what kind of day trading setups will you see me take inside the live session:

This should get you started on what I believe and what to expect from my live day trading room that will showcase my CL Power Day Trading Strategy Course (Crude Oil Power).

Once again, WELCOME! There will be other modules being added in the near future. The first module will be the Combine, then Funded Trader Preparation, and finally Funded Trader. 

You can expect a lot of bonus material in another module as I develop out this course from scratch. Lots of information to share and it will take some time to get it from my head to this course. Another reason why the course right now is a single investment and no recurring charges. 

In other words, you were rewarded with a one time payment because of the trust and faith you put in me before I reached FTP at Topstep Trader. :)


Kind Regards,

Dave Knight
[email protected]

P.S. On this message, I talk about Demio. I do not have a live day trading room any longer. All the video content is below in the CLPower Day Trading Course now.

Course Structure

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Tech Stuff

This module is all the tech stuff you need to get started day trading. Once again, it will be built as we progress through the course. 

Your first step is to enroll in the Demio Live Webinar.

TopStep Trader Information 1 Lesson

Make Sure You Have an Account with TST

Do you have an account with TopStep Trader (TST)? If so, great!

If not, then please follow this link to signup for your day trading account:

Trading Spreadsheet 1 Lesson

Get Access to the Trading Spreadsheet

Here is where you will find the Trading Spreadsheet.

Charts 3 Lessons

89 Tick Chart

This video is from a couple of years ago. When I get the newest one finished to my standards, then I will replace this video with the new one.

5 Min Chart

5 Min Chart Setup from a previous recording a few years ago.

1 Hour Chart and Daily Chart

See Recording for more information.

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1 Chapter

TopStep Trader Combine

Here is where all the combine information for my day trading with TopStep Trader.

Live Day Trading Recordings 19 Lessons

March 19th 2019: How Far to Place Stop

Stop placement can be one of the toughest things you will have to decide as a trader ...

March 20th 2019: CLPIT Strategy against FOMC Day

So is trading on FOMC in the Crude Oil Market a good, bad or ugly thing to do overall? Find out ...

March 21st 2019: Low Volatility Below 1.5 ADR Information

Everything in trading works after the fact ...

March 22nd 2019: Hitting Gann’s Magic Number the Golden Ratio

Ever feel like you are in tune with the market, but it isn't ready to trade?

March 25th 2019: Getting Closer to Step 2 FTP Plus 47 Tics

There were 3 trades on the day trading session in the crude oil futures market for a total of plus 47 ticks.

March 26th 2019: TIeBreaker Scenario in the Crude Oil Futures Market

I thought what to say about today ... and the setup I used was what I call the "tiebreaker" to go short today ...

March 27th 2019: Crude Oil Inventory No Show but Still Decent Day Trading

Did ok overall ... the inventory report was a no show ... Gann Magic Number was hit today (the golden ratio number).

March 28th 2019: Breakeven Range Bound Trading Day

Basically, running a fever and called it early for trading on the day ...

March 29th 2019: No Trading Today … Sick Day

I went to the Dr today and have the flu ... no trading today ... this is a great short setup though.

April 1st 2019: Crude Oil Anomaly for 50 Ticks Today

Here is a valid LONG or SHORT setup that I have noticed ... time is the best teacher sometimes to help you get better at day trading.

April 2nd 2019: Live to Fight Another Trading Day

Sometimes its best to trade for another day and move on ...

April 3rd 2019: It’s Called an Equity Curve not a Straight Line Curve

Hopefully, just a minor setback. I should have traded better, but it wasn't meant to be.

April 4th 2019: CLPower Open Range Small Box Plus Long Setup Today

Some good information shared today on what I consider a low volatile market and when the market finally started to pick up steam ...

April 5th 2019: No Trading Today Lithotripsy Appt.

There will be no trading today. I have my kidney stone appointment today.

April 8th 2019: Crude OIl Day Trading

Only able to catch (short) had a DR appt early.

April 9th 2019: Plus 54 Ticks on 5 Trades Today

So getting ever closer to the next step here at TST ... I had 5 trades today for a net of 54 ticks during the trading session.

April 10th 2019: CLPIT Strategy … Getting Close to Profit Target

So today was one of those days ... we had a surprise in the inventory number, but no price action to work with.

April 11th 2019: Finally Passing Topsteptrader Combine!

So today during the trading session, I finally was able to pass the combine at TST.

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1 Chapter

Funded Trader Preparation (FTP)

Here is where all the information concerning FTP will reside at TopStepTrader (TST).

Live Day Trading Recordings 20 Lessons

April 16th 2019: Nice Short Trade to 3P Profit Target

During today's day trading, I was able to hold this trade for one hour and twelve minutes ...

April 17th 2019: CLPIT Contracts Rolling

We rolled from May to June today in the crude oil futures market ... overall a breakeven trading day.

April 18th 2019: Coming Back from a Trading Loss with Patience

Being patient and knowing your trading limits is another key to overall trading success over the years ...

April 22nd 2019: Big UP Move Happens on News from Trump

Today was an event and news related trading day ... but the move happens before my trading time in USA open ... I tried to catch a top and the Close 30 strategy ... but lost 6 ticks overall on 4 trades today. Iran VS USA in Crude Oil ... News.

April 23rd 2019: Sell the News Still Holds

Today, we continued our efforts to "sell the news"  ... finished down 11 ticks for trading day.

April 24th 2019: Nipping Losing Streak at 2 Days

Today was the CLPIT strategy, but honestly the market hasn't really given much of anything. The best trade of the session was a short without volume today. This could have been worth 3P. I wasn't able to catch it.

April 25th 2019: Sell The NEWS Finally Works but …

Sell the news from Iran finally works today, but I wasn't able to capture the trade into the last half hour of day trading today. My mom is in town and I needed to take her to the DR. I sure hope you got it! We talked about it today!!

April 26th 2019: One Trade Win for 3P

First trade was a long trade setup for a 3P win ... worth 42 ticks. For the day up 26 ticks and a new trading account high.

April 29th 2019: Looking for Continuation Short Today

So today I was looking for a continuation of the short from Friday to continue into Monday ... this didn't happen to the degree that I would have like to have seen, but it was a positive trading day overall.

April 30th 2019: Just a Breakeven Kind of Trading Day

There was a nice short movement early in the trading session, but it went without me today. I tried to catch the low of the day later on the session.

May 1st 2019: Federal Funds Rate and FOMC Plus Attorney General

We were lucky to get out alive with some gain today. It was not a really TRENDY type of day trading day today. I was able to capture 15 ticks profit overall day trading in the crude oil futures market.

May 2nd 2019: Back to the Drawing Board Once Again

Here is what I think ... 11 days and only 600 gain isn't bad, but it isn't great either ... I know I can do better than this effort. I need to trade and see the market much better. Trust my signals and maximize profit.

May 3rd 2019: Coming Back from a Losing Trading Day

Yesterday, I had one of those trading days you would want to get back. It's the kind of day that really can eat at your confidence as a trader. But, today was a new day to trade. It pays to have a short term memory to allow yourself to move on.

May 13th 2019: Day Trading after a Week to Regroup

Restarted my day trading again today from a week off and regrouping. I was able to get a little gain on the trading session. Although, it could have been a 178 tick winning day today.

May 14th 2019: Gann Square of Nine Golden Ratio Comes to Play

So what is the Gann Square of Nine and how do you trade it? Find out ... that trade was on part 3 of my videos today. Enjoy!!

May 15th 2019: Buying and Selling into a Losing Position

Today in our day trading room we had a rather heated discussion as we talked about the pros and cons of buying/selling into a losing position and my thoughts on the subject. 

I had an overall losing day of 7 ticks on 5 trades today.

May 16th 2019: Some Days You Just Breakeven

Some day trading days are not exciting ... you just breakeven and move to the next day trading session.

May 19th: Sam Seiden Supply and Demand Zones

Taking another look at my day trading ... and utilizing my lines of support and resistance off my high volume bars a little better here. This is the beginning of a new concept I am working out in real time day trading crude oil futures.

May 20th 2019: Just Working My Way to the Funded Account

Do you ever wish for a day back in your day trading?

May 21st 2019 Crude Oil Day Trading 3 Videos Today

Here is a 3 video session on May 21st enjoy!!

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1 Chapter

Funded Trader

Here is where all the information of being a funded trader at TopStep Trader will reside.

TopStepTrader Funded Pro Account Trading 15 Lessons

Day 1: June 10th 2019 Plus 5 Ticks

Today earned 9 ticks overall day trading crude oil on the first day in the Pro Account at TST. The trading video I believe only shows 5 ticks, but I finished up 9 ticks on the day trading session overall.

Day 2: June 11th 2019 Plus 5 Ticks

Another breakeven day trading session in the crude oil futures market.

Day 3: June 12th 2019 CLPIT Strategy Plus 49 Ticks

Finally caught a nice winning trade, but it took me 8 trades to get to 49 ticks. The crude oil futures market kept on retracing during the trading session. The last hour went down a dollar, but I was already finished on day trading crude oil market.

Day 4: June 13th 2019 CLPower Plus 18 Ticks

Just a breakeven kind of day ... most of the move in the Crude oil Futures happened prior to the USA open. In fact, most of the move happened during the Chinese and Japanese markets last night.

Day 5: June 14th 2019 Plus 80 Ticks for the Week

Today, I finished up 13 ticks on 9 trades today. The Crude Oil market made a move, but it went up in a stairstep fashion and retraced me out of the total move. Overall, I finished up 80 ticks for the first week in the Pro Funded Account here at TopStepTrader (TST).

Day 6: June 17th 2019 Plus 3 Ticks

Another day of a new trading account high, it won't happen forever but it is nice as long as it keeps doing it.

Day 7: June 18th 2019 Lost 44 Ticks

The news drove today ... it's all about IRAN ... I was the cannon fodder to the up move. I had no business shorting this market above 52.78 today. This was the FIB 2/3rd number ... it was the 3rd time to it and busted out to the top of a range for a high of 54.53 in today's crude oil futures trading.

Day 8: June 19th 2019: Crude Oil Inventory Plus FOMC Day

It was a tougher trading day during the day trading session. Overall, I had 11 trades for 11 ticks. The last trade is not shown, but it was a 2 tick winner towards the 1:15PM CST mark. The crude oil market didn't show much push either way today.

Day 9: June 20th 2019: Buy The Rumor Sell The News What It Means

Every trader is continually learning and experiencing growth in their personal trading. Today was a new learning experience for me in the crude oil futures market.

Day 10: June 21st 2019: Just A Bunch of Adams

In life, you have the people that love you, others that respect you, and others that like to pick on you (the haters in life). Trading is all about how you control not only your trading, but your emotional well being too. Life is short ... 

Day 11: June 24th 2019: Another Day in the Life of the Pro Funded Account

So I was able to get away from the abyss today. Can I turn the pro funded trading account around from here now? I am using the open day trading strategy to get into position. It was a little bit hairy overall today. I finished up 8 ticks overall today from being down over 30 ticks.

Day 12: June 25th 2019: Make the Most of Your Day

The market went to the supply area of 5822 high. There is a supply area between 5820 and 59.00 in the crude oil futures market. Most of the gain on trading was made on the up into the supply area today.

Day 13: June 26th 2019 Another Day Another Dollar ... Tough Day Trading Today

Some days it is just a good thing to be able to fight for another day trading day ... this was one of those days where I was down 34 ticks to come back 40 ticks and happy to be even on the day.

Day 14: June 27th 2019: Minus 47 Ticks Today

So this is the tale of two cities ... if I follow my day trading open strategy I make 34 ticks on 2 trades to open the day up and then a nice 2P move down happens right after that ... the issue is always TIME at TST. And confidence to know I can make it to the next level as a day trader.

Day 15: June 28th 2019: Plus 54 Ticks Day Trading Crude Oil Today

So today, I made a step in the right direction towards the $5K profit target ... hopefully ... this is the start of the move up now, finally.

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