Conservative Casino Craps Hedge Strategy

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Today, I go over a Conservative Casino Craps Hedge Strategy for you on YouTube to try out on a smaller bankroll next time you are in the casino.


Conservative Casino Craps Hedge Strategy:

For all those that want to advise me how to play the game of Craps … thanks. But once again, this strategy is an alternative to playing craps … and works best on a cold table or when you are first establishing yourself on the table.

I find it interesting that I have 11K views on a video I have not done any promotion too. In addition, I love all the feedback I get. And by the way … the Craps Dealers that I TIP love me.

In addition, I am not a PRO Gambler … I am a day trader in the Crude Oil Market which I do for a living. Playing Craps is simply a past time for me … I enjoy it. My wife likes to play the slots and I like to play the table games.

Here is some food for thought … yes … I know all games at the casino is a lose lose over the long haul … with the exception of card counting blackjack with one deck … but they will throw you out and ban you for doing that …

So … this is simply a strategy to protect yourself at the table … I encourage you to continue to tell me your thoughts. Just like two economists debating … there are strong opinions on both sides and no one agrees with the other. But I know what I know and it works for me applied correctly.

YOU MUST HAVE A BANKROLL and DIVIDE IT INTO SESSIONS (3) of them with equal money … minimum amount of this bankroll should be $600 divided into three equal sessions of $200 each. If you lose $100 in a session … you must quit that session and take a break!

If you lose all 3 sessions … then you should only be down $300 and must quit and reestablish your Min. Bankroll before continuing!!!

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David ‘Tiger’ Knight

P.S. Here You Go!! I had to replenish a portion of the bankroll as my first session went to drawdown maximum. Session number 2 got me above the 600 dollar mark.

Snap Shot of Account over $600!!

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