Confusion and Doubt

Confusion and Doubt Were My Guides

Today, Confusion and Doubt were my guides in trading. I was not mentally prepared to trade today. I did not give myself enough time to fully inspect the market conditions before I started trading.

I ignored S1 Support in my trading opportunities today. In fact, even if it was to take a short as the trade, then the 5750 did not have enough room to profit against the UNTESTED S1 Level of Support located at 5739.

Today, I needed 21 to 22 ticks of profit against the UNTESTED S1 Support Level and I only had 11 ticks with a 5750 against 5739 area. This makes my SHORT trades WRONG (mistakes) in trading them today.

Confusion and doubt were my guides today as I entered into my head as I looked at the open. There were 3 HVS 700 Red Volume Bars all above 700 in Volume before the 8:05AM CST mark. In fact, this was a similar setup in Volume compared to May 19th, 2015 … which in fact … was my biggest losing day before today’s trading day.

What did that mean last time I saw that — which way should I be taking trades? My thought process MUST be this from this point forward … it is like BRAKES on a car. The 3 RBVs above HVS 700 act like BRAKES on a car stopping the downward momentum of the market at that point in time.

It doesn’t mean it won’t go down on the day … but for the CLPORT Method Trade … this means I SHOULD ONLY CONSIDER the LONG side of the trade until proven WRONG by Volume.

What I did was consider the 3 RBVs as LVLTW bars today during the trading day and I bracketed the market to go either way … this is a mistake! In fact, if I would have paid MORE attention then I would have noticed that S1 was in my way to successfully initiate the SHORT side of the trade!

This comes back to my feeling of confusion and doubt as I stared at the morning trading session with the 3 RBVs and HVS above 700 in Volume. Both May 19th and May 27th created my biggest losing trading days of my $10K TST Trading Combine so far to this point in time.

What did they have in common? Both should be considered like BRAKES to stop the market from going down at that point in time from 8:00AM to 8:30AM CST and only trade in the direction of what my CLPORT Method tells me to do!

By defining the trading range, even during a trading loss of the CLPORT Method like today’s woulda/shoulda/coulda trade that was a loss … the second time the market went to this area after the 8:30AM CST time period it rose 3P before showing any sign of stopping.

If I was only LOOKING LONG, then I would not have been LOOKING SHORT … therefore I would have been on the right side of the trading opportunity today … even if I lost … then at least I know I was on the right side of the trades that woulda/shoulda/coulda been taken.

My trading today was not PERFECT to my standards of excellence. Therefore; I deserved what happened to me today during the trading session.

3 RBVs above 700 in VOLUME are SIGNIFICANT!!

May 19th:

May 27th:


Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. File this under STUPID TRADING that cost me a WINNING DAY!

P.S.S. Remember and Never Forget!!

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