CLPIT Strategy July 25th 2018 Plus 71 Ticks

CLPIT Strategy July 25th 2018 Plus 71 Ticks

Today was July 25th 2018 and I was able to pull away 71 ticks on one trade today.

  • Trade Entry: Short 6924 at 9:39AM CST
  • Trade Exit: 6853 at 10:01AM CST
  • 71 tick gain or $710
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Live Day Trading Video: CLPIT Strategy on July 25th 2018 Plus 71 Ticks


Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:


Day Trading Summary

Some days things as a day trader just work out … today was one of those days.


I had a trading plan coming into today and I executed my plan.

In other words … Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan!



Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

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