Better Place Day Trading

Being in a Better Place Day Trading

Well, it has been about a month since I updated my Day Trading Blog, but I am very active on YouTube posting videos and content.

I am back into the combine at Top Step Trader after failing out of the Demon Beast Account.



Today was a good day trading day and I am at peace once again in my heart and soul.

Down day 2 was my thinking coming into trading crude oil futures today.

I went short below 6800 today on 2 contracts – looking for  a move to the Gann Magic Number located at 6696 today.

Who will WIN today?

It’s too bad I couldn’t stay in funded, but I know how to trade when it looks like the market wants to trade down.


About Day Trading My Account: No Thanks!


I stopped counting the times someone has asked to trade for me. Would you trust a person who on one hand tells you how bad you are and then on the other wants to help you out? Me either.

This was a blog and video posting of my day trading journey with TopStepTrader over the last few years. What people seem to forget is I have had success in my past trading and I continue to have success in trading.

This blog is devoted to day trading since its inception. Regardless, of my decision, I would never trust another individual to trade my account for me. I know the risk involved and I don’t care if the person is a mutli-millionaire trader. Could I learn a few things? Sure, but my experience is traders and want to be traders are pretty much in the same box.

There is no one alive who will trade your money better than you … yourself. You have the power, but give that power away when you TRUST on another human being. They don’t care if they lose your money the same way you care about your own money.

They think they are doing you a service, but for the most part those that want to trade my account have had no success except in pretend money. There is a huge difference in trading real money versus pretend money. You have all sorts of issues in a real money account.

But … still people believe they have the next best greatest bread slicer on the market.


Bottom line … either I do it or I don’t. Etiher way it is Me, myself and I that is doing the good, bad and ugly of day trading.

Now …

With that being said, if there was a sharing of ideas like I do with you … that is completely different.

But …

Please don’t insult me then ask me a favor … that’s rude … crude and unrefined (crude oil joke).


Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. YouTube Vlog Live Day Trading Today:

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