CLPIT Strategy July 25th 2018 Plus 71 Ticks

CLPIT Strategy July 25th 2018 Plus 71 Ticks Today was July 25th 2018 and I was able to pull away 71 ticks on one trade today. Trade Entry: Short 6924 at 9:39AM CST Trade Exit: 6853 at 10:01AM CST 71 tick gain or $710 YouTube Summary Video:     Live Day Trading Video: CLPIT Strategy…

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Day Trade Room Compromise

Day Trade Room Compromise Here is my day trade room compromise. I think it is a fair and equitable solution. YouTube Video Summary:     GoFundMe Link: Monthly Expenses: TopStepTrader 30K Combine $150.00 Digital Marketer $38.60 Optimize Press $17.00 WP Engine $29.00 GoDaddy $20.99 Comcast Internet (10 percent) $7.96 Sprint Cellular (10 percent) $19.10 Office…

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Come ON YouTube Approve Already!

How LONG does a person have to wait to get approved? End of June and still no word from you guys. You can’t call you … there is no listed number for someone like myself and good luck trying to figure out how to email for an answer … Just sit in LIMBO since February…

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Do WHAT You Know Dark Side Trader

Do WHAT You Know Dark Side Trader My long experiment is over … I am going back to being mainly a short side trader from today until further notice.   I am not a gunslinger … it’s time to stop pretending I can be something I am not capable of doing at this point in…

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TST 30K Combine

Some Day Trading Charts April 23rd 2018

YouTube Summary:   Some Day Trading Charts: Bottom line on Monday   … there was a very nice down move to capture day trading today. The market went up and up and up for the rest of the trading session, but the morning did show a very nice move down. Then …   The crude…

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