April 30th, 2012: Keep A Trading Journal – Month End Results (Coming Soon)

Hello Traders,

Here is a trading setup I saw in the afternoon on the last day of April.  I didn’t take it because I do not trade Month End.  But it was a valid setup that ran to a 2P profit target on the trading day.

April 30th, 2012:  200 Trades Chart

April 30th, 2012:  2000 Trades Chart

Keep A Trading Journal

Keep A Trading Journal

You will notice my trading statement does not have this trade listed, because I did not take it at month end.  I do not trade on Month End.

In fact, my last trading day was on April 25th, 2012 for this month.

April 30th, 2012:  Trading Statement

I believe it is more important to follow your trading plan … do not allow the markets to dictate your trading … but remain in self-control and self-discipline always and you will find yourself in the winner’s circle more times than not.

Highly Recommended:  Keep A Trading Journal!

By the way, I am working on my results for the month of April and will publish them within a day or two now.


Good Trading,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight

P.S.  Cherry Red Ferrari For FREEEEEEEEEE!!!

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