After 15 Years a friendship ends on one day …

Hello Traders,

After 15 years with the same broker, a friendship ends.  I have known my broker longer than my wife, and my kids.  This is a select group of people he was in.  My mom, my brothers, and my best friend from High School are in this group.



One thing I have learned in life there is some things you have no control over.  The older I get the more valid this concept becomes.

You have no control over picking your mom and brothers, but I did have control on selecting my friends and my broker.

Can one person outside of a friendship have that much control to decide your fate?  I have been battling a losing battle for close to 3 years I believe now.

I suppose I should thank my futures firm for giving up on me and sending my trading account back to me, but without my knowledge they did so or my consent.

Zig Ziglar said, “Life is hard …” how very true this statement has become in my life.

Michael Jordan on Failure and Success

Michael Jordon on Failure and Success

I remember very clearly one day when I was mowing the grass how little I can control is this life … you know life just happens at times. You can go and chase the birds as Jim Rohn would say, or simply say that’s fascinating and move on.

In my wisdom, I have collected over the year’s, I choose to move on and say that’s simply fascinating.  I can no more control what time I will wake up from sleep or a blade of grass growing.  The more you live the more you understand how futile it is to try to control things you will never understand.

They say parting is such sweet sorrow … I leave this day with one word … fascinating.


Good Continued Trading,


David ‘Tiger’ Knight

P.S.  To any future brokers who decide to give me a call … you must be ok with me doing my personal blog on trading and establishing a relationship.  I leave a relationship I have known for 15 years by simply being me.  An honest man in a non-perfect world.



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