A Proverb for Today

Good Day Traders,

Here is a Proverb for today being Sunday:

Proverbs: A Manual for Living

Proverbs: A Manual for Living

Proverbs 21:21 New Century Version (NCV)

21 Whoever tries to live right and be loyal 
       finds life, success, and honor.

When I was doing my daily devotional today, I came across this scripture verse today as I continue to spend time in the book of Proverbs.

To me it sounds like this is a conditional promise, an if-then statement.  In other words, if you do this, then this is what will happen.

So God says or in the case through Solomon, if ‘you’ live right, then ‘you’ will find life, success, and honor.

This seems to me to be a way to live your life to the fullest.  First of all, live right and true, then life, success and honor will be your reward for living right and true.

God Bless,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight


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