60 Ticks Profit Trading Crude Oil Today!

Hello Traders,

Trading today was profitable to the tune of 60 ticks or $600 less commission of $6 net today in trading $594.00.  As I look over my notes for the morning trading day, I find today being the Monthly Employment Friday which was a little later this month in March than most other months generally speaking.

Video Recap on YouTube:  March 9th, 2012 Live Trading in the Crude Oil Market

If you cannot get the video to work on YouTube Try 4Shared:  March 9th, 2012 Live Trading in the Crude Oil Market (You might find it easier to watch this video in HD or downloading it and watching in HD on your computer.)


Waiting for 9:00AM Eastern plus 5 minutes to see what the market looks like then … once again it is proven profitable to stand aside and give the 5 minutes before seeking an entry … the market has not decided to stop going down … we have a HVS SKY Long Bar on the chart … looking for a complete 012 to form to attempt a long entry … we are driving into the 200 bar MA and the PDL right now …

PATIENCE NOW IS KEY!!  Don’t get pulled into the market wait for the pullback and retest of the LOW to see if it is strong or not … these HIGHER LOWS hold now and we are GOLDEN!!

1P RUN … but we have an HVS SKY BLUE BAR … the LONG may be over may be not … moving to BE plus 5 ticks now … went to 2P … this can be your OUT target if you like … I will explain why I went to BE before the move a little later … target on TRADE is 5P … if the market wants to move off the MONTHLY EMPLOYMENT REPORT I WANT TO MAXIMIZE THE MOVE … but protecting at 1P now.

REMEMBER OUR GOAL on this TRADING STRATEGY is to CAPTURE a 2P Target Normally … I released it today because of the possibility of a strong run up … so I am HAPPY with getting out at 2P today!!

March 9th, 2012:  200 Ticks/Trades Chart

Top target 108.33 now.

Have a great weekend.  I will post my trading statement later this weekend for the week.


Good Trading,
David “Tiger” Knight

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